My Work

Past work for clients that I am proud of.
I have 300+ hours of experience in two years.

Picture of fleat website redesign.

Fleat Network Design

Informational site for a Local A.I. Startup - written in pure vanilla JS, CSS, & HTML. Uses jQuery for smooth scrolling, as well as responsive design. I tried to focus on User Experience throughout this homepage, and I think it shows. (I can only share my initial mockup after week one, full site release date TBD. See current:

E-Commerce Site & SEO Analysis for an Orlando business - Built with mobile devices in mind, I successfully implemented Responsive Design and PayPal for payment. Site earns a 'perfect' SEO ranking, and is the first result on Google Search.

Picture of Pool Table Store Landing Page

The Pool Table Store

E-Commerce Site for a Local Business - Built with BigCommerce's proprietary "Stencil" Programming language. Payment is processed through Stripe. I then implemented the Google Search Console, to track our average of 100 unique shoppers per day online. Since then, I have learned SEO Analysis and other social media stacks.

My Philosophy

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.

~ Bill Gates